Kill your darlings


Have you ever created anything so beautiful, yet so impractical? So amazing in what you conjured seemingly from nothing that you won’t allow yourself to see the forest through the trees? (Pun fully intended) I think it happens a lot in education. We invest so much time designing curriculum that we won’t allow ourselves to see when it isn’t working. Just as Ralph Fletcher advises us in What A Writer Needs, we have to be ready to “kill our darlings” when what we’ve crafted isn’t serving our purposes no matter how much we’ve come to admire our handiwork. Our students’ literate lives are counting on it.

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  1. I recently had a bought with myself over a final project for my grad class. I wanted so badly to do something different that I almost missed the opportunity to do something even better. Instead of your normal final paper, I wanted to make a movie on how pop culture embeds itself into the minds of boy writers. I pushed and pushed and pushed for this movie. I wanted it to work so bad. I tried every angle, every perspective. It still didn’t work. I finally realized that it just wasn’t the best medium for the topic. I wrote a paper. However, it wasn’t your normal type of paper. I wrote it in talk show format. Hah!

    • Good for you. You found a way to make the project your own and still true to the nature of the assignment once you were willing to let go. Don’t worry. You’ll find a great use for a movie some day.

      Thanks for checking in.


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