Excuses, excuses


I’m just coming to grips with the loss of my work for the past seven years. Though I have said out loud many times that it is lost, I have not said it in my heart. I keep holding out hope that the IT guys at school will find it all evidence to the contrary.

What’s problematic besides all of the work that needs to be redone are the excuses I’m giving for why I’m not moving forward with other projects like this blog as if they all hinge on recovering, retyping the missing files. Reminds me of the times I’ve blamed my administrators, colleagues, the state department of education for my lassitude, etc. Sound familiar to anyone else?

One of the great things about the summer is the chance to take stock of not only what we’ve done right during the school year, but also where we’ve fallen down a bit, and work to make it right. Admitting failure is hard. Repeating it because it’s easier is not an option. I’ll do better.

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