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Shoveling Snow #2

After a projected forecast for over a foot of snow for this morning Friday I scrambled to gather some work for students to do if we weren’t in school today or tomorrow. I was in the supermarket Saturday morning at 7 am to avoid the massive lines that result from combined weekly shopping and the promise of Snowmaggedon. Earlier in the week I’d gotten my hands on some rock salt and an extra shovel, commodities hard to come by in the Philadelphia region. Even my trash company called to arrange an earlier pickup in the face of the weather.

I thought with all of this preparedness that we’d be spared.

No dice. While the storm and its daunting numbers veered south, we still picked up a few inches, and it’s snowing still. At 6 am we got the call that moved us from a 2 hour delay to our tenth day of missed school. So much for Murphy’s Law. Oh well. There’s nothing to be done besides shoveling other than to make some bread and respond to student writing. Not such a bad day after all. Perhaps I’ll watch Frozen too.

I’m participating in the Slice of Life Challenge. Won’t you join me?

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  1. Isn’t it funny what we’ll do to try and control the weather?!?! It occurs to me that our “preparedness” to have school mirrors the kids snow day rituals to miss school. Hahaha! We grow up, but do we change?!?!

  2. I also expected to see snow when I looked out the window this morning. What I saw was nothing. The storm went south of us and missed us completely. Not complaining. All I can say is that I think I picked the right year to retire.

  3. It’s funny. I have actually started to hear students complain about all these snow days! Last week a student complained about school being closed because she was ready to turn in an essay that she had been working on and was looking forward to sharing it.

  4. Holy cow! You have had a lot of snow days this year! Will you have to make them up? Hope you interspersed a little reading in with all that shoveling!

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