Wins and losses


Over the past few days, I’ve tried some new recipes from Pinterest with mixed results. We’re all familiar with the Fail meme, but I think I gave it new meaning at my house in early March.

First, there was a bacon cheddar cornbread that my husband adored, but I found bland and mushy. Too bad I was really looking forward to that. Then there was the sweet potato and bean burgers that were edible but won’t be attempted again. Not a real loss here. Vegan’s not really my thing.

I redeemed myself this morning with a loaf of bread that had both a good crumb and crust if I do say so myself. This was only my second time baking bread ever. My husband, who keeps a bread diary – scientist that he is, was skeptical of baking it in a Dutch oven, but it turned out golden brown with just the right amount of crunch.

My success was short-lived, however, when I managed to ruin a meal I’ve made several times before: glazed pork chops, pan-seared Brussel sprouts with cranberries, and mashed potatoes. Yes, I even screwed up mashed potatoes.

Without school, I’m at a total loss. Tomorrow night we’ll order out. Should be a win.

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  1. I suppose you’ve seen the websites with Pinterest fails? So funny. Thanks for sharing your wins and losses.

  2. I am mesmerized by all the wonderful food pictures I see on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I tend to spend more time reading than actually cooking.

  3. I’m with you on the vegan burgers. I even bought a book of all kinds of vegan burgers you can make. I followed the few recipes I tried faithfully, but the consistency never seemed right to me. And they just aren’t as satisfying as a juicy beef burger.

  4. Don’t feel bad. I once burned a pot of frozen peas. Never been on Pinterest. Might have to check it out – especially desserts.

  5. I can relate to this slice. My sister and I thought that we should create a pinterest board called – how recipes really turn out. Then fortunately some things we can make perfectly and they taste as yummy as described. Some cookbook recipes we have become pretty good at. It really takes practice balancing the ingredients, getting a feel in mixing, trimming the temperature and monitoring the timing. Happy cooking and writing!.

  6. Pintrest makes me feel like I can be super mom, super teacher, super cook, and super party planner for all of 30 seconds. Then I get real with myself, and I am ok with that! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your post made me laugh! My favorite recipe is anything that anyone else cooks! Your bread did turn out beautifully though!

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