You Are: Barack Obama


I picked peaches out of food items, rugby for Olympic sports, Twitter as my form of social media, European for a vacation, and Labrador as my favorite type of dog on the latest quiz from BuzzFeed: Which U.S. President Are You?  As a result I was told that I am “pure class and shy away from drama.” It goes on to say that “You are very charismatic and eloquent, and you find it natural and easy to communicate your ideas and opinions to people. You’re a pioneer, a glass ceiling breaker in effect.”


While I like to think I am eloquent at times, I don’t know about the rest of it. Any more than I did a few weeks back when I learned on separate quizzes that I was most like the state of Ohio, Tyrion Lannister, and/or a Burmese Mountain Dog. The quizzes are meant to be pure fun, but how does saying I prefer cinnamon to basil predict how I’ll be as a world leader especially since I like them both equally well but had to choose one? The same is true of vacations. I’m pretty happy wherever I am, but if someone else is paying for my imaginary travels, let’s go to Europe.


They seem more intended for you to share with your friends on Facebook, etc. I learned this morning that my colleague Melissa is secretly Ronald Reagan and my grade level partner is Kitty Pryde from The X-Men. If you haven’t tried these quizzes yet as a means to bond with your pals, there are others to choose from like Who is your style icon? Which 90s indies band are you most like? And one I might just take – Which classic author is your soul mate? But beware of reading too deeply into your results. Remember, I’ve never seen a rugby game. Sorry, Mr. Obama.

I’m participating in the Slice of Life Challenge. Won’t you join me?

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  1. What a very cool writing exercise Judy. I’m thinking…

  2. I love those silly quizzes! Fun post today!

  3. Judy, knowing you I can say that you truly do possess all of the characteristics mentioned. I have taken a few of the quizzes and often wonder how they come up with their pick based on my response to questions.

  4. I’ve tried the quizzes and the reflective teacher in me is like you, wondering how does that response produce that result?? But maybe sometimes, I should just do it to have a little fun!! Thanks for your insight!

  5. I don’t usually do those quizzes. Reading your post makes me want to try one! I wonder what I would find out about myself!

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