Slicing the Slice

When I saw the call for the Slice of Life Challenge, not only did I know that I wanted to do it, but also that I wanted my students to participate too. Instead of posting on the group website, they’re doing so on my Ning where they already have blogs. It’s a closed system, so students from other students wouldn’t be able to respond back. That’s okay. Within my three classes there are plenty of kids to read and respond to. My grade level partner enlisted her students too.


There are about two dozen blog posts waiting for me this morning. Apparently, my students prefer the dark for composition. And what are they writing about? Earlier in the week, they were venting their frustration over yet another snow day. Soon they moved onto the best types of sleds and the joys of ice-skating. Others steered clear of the weather entirely and wrote book or movie reviews. A handful recounted what they do when they are bored, which apparently includes setting hair spray on fire. (I didn’t know that anyone still used the aerosol kind any more.)

A few students are writing serial stories, mysteries that leave us waiting for the next installment much like Dickens used to do. One pair crafts their tale together with each posting from a different narrator daily. And of course, just like in the grown-up version, there are many that simply describe what happened during their day, looking for the import in the mundane whether it surrounds navigating lunch table drama, traveling to a soccer tournament, or not being prepared for a math quiz. There were a few recipes posted for a few days without much reflection on them, so I put the kibosh on that. Generally, reading them has been a very pleasant part of my day.

When we launched the Challenge last week, we told our kids that there would be a pizza party as well as a raffle for those who completed all thirty-one days. So far a quarter of my students are in the running for this. There hasn’t been a lot of commenting yet, so my colleague and I hope to steal this weekend’s commenting challenge to get the wheels in motion for this.

So far this has been a great success in my eyes. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

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  1. This is exciting! So many of your students are slicing!

  2. Wonderful sharing. I love meta-slices.

  3. Sounds like your students are on a roll. Congratulations.

  4. Thanks for the inspiring post! I am new to this myself and didn’t feel ready to introduce it to my class. I am hoping to do so next year, after I have had the time to set up a class blog. I appreciate your mention of Ning which I have never heard of. Concerns about being able to keep it private and the ability to edit stray inappropriate posts is what keeps me from moving forward.

  5. I’ve sliced for several years, but have never sliced with a class of students. It sounds like you have some interesting writing going on! Maybe you could try having a prize for the person who comments the most in a 24 hour period. That seems to work for us adult slicers!

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