How do you explain an inside joke? I guess it all started with a small stuffed pig one of us had in college that we would toss around the room from time to time, yelling “Pigs in Space”, a reference to a skit on the now defunct Muppet Show. Or it could be that Hoffman occasionally snorts when she laughs. Maybe it started in the dining hall one Sunday morning. Whatever it is, we definitely find all things bacon funny.

Cards are exchanged with pigs on them. Bacon-shaped pens too. (Hoffman, like my friend Reene, is a big supporter of the postal system.) There will be an occasional oink at an opportune moment, and of course, she makes a killer dates stuffed with almonds, wrapped in bacon, appetizer. In fact, not too long ago we hosted a party where every item on the dinner menu from the aforementioned dates to candied bacon for dessert featured this crispy treat.

So I shouldn’t have been too surprised to find this in the mail the other day.


Yes, that’s right. Every single recipe in the entire magazine contains bacon. Some seem try-worthy like lentil salad with beets and bacon. Others sound disgusting like The Italian Elvis, which stars bananas, bacon, Nutella, and mascarpone cheese. No, thanks. There are quizzes to take about your bacon knowledge, restaurants to seek out that feature rare pork products like Bacon Cotton Candy at a joint in Houston, and stuff to buy like kitchen towels that declare, “Bacon Makes Everything Better.” This issue of the Food Network Magazine has it all.

What it doesn’t have is the smile that lit across my face when I opened up the package in came in whether I ever try one single recipe contained within or not. (And given how much I love bacon, I probably will.) What I love more is a shared history of over thirty years with my buddy and how silly we can occasionally be even in our advancing years.

Care to share any of your inside jokes?

I’m participating on the Slice of Life Challenge. Won’t you join me?

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  1. The nicest thing about inside jokes is the friends that are attached to them. I enjoyed your post and am wracking my brain to come up with an example of inside joking. Can’t think of one. But have enjoyed yours.

  2. Great Slice to read this morning as I chill out before I begin a school day at my old school where I shared crazy things with friends. Not pigs but something close. I’m going to try will my past back with your image above 🙂

  3. An old roommate and I had a stuffed lobster, huge, almost two feet long. We would leave it places for each other to find and then later, mail it back and forth. The joke ended when her puppy ate the lobster!
    P.S. There’s a new doughnut place in Denver, Voodoo Doughnuts, out of Portland, that has a specialty, maple doughnuts with a strip of bacon on top. It sounds a little gross to me but if you two ever get to Denver or Portland…

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