The Road Less Traveled


I’m back after a little hiatus while I studied Spanish in Mexico. (Did I mention I’m on sabbatical?) Today I explored Longwood Gardens with my brother and sister-in-law who are visiting from Chicago. I’ve been there many times, but each time I go, I always find something new. Because it was a bit raw out and not much had bloomed yet outside, we spent a lot of time in the conservatories. I found myself paying a lot more attention to the history of the garden and their creator, Pierre S. DuPont. We learned that the pipe organ there is twice the size of the one at Radio City and the parquet floor of the ballroom was made from recycled gunstocks from WWI rifles.

Both the conservatories and the gardens are so large, no two trips are ever alike. We meandered to our hearts’ content among orchids and cactus, daffodils and poppies. The only thing I saw twice was a very content tabby cat.  And that may be why I paid more attention to what I had merely glossed over before – because I came upon them unexpectedly in a different context and so was willing to look at them in a different light. How often does this happen in our learning I wonder? Should we be working to insure it happens occasionally for our students as well?


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