Wins and losses


Over the past few days, I’ve tried some new recipes from Pinterest with mixed results. We’re all familiar with the Fail meme, but I think I gave it new meaning at my house in early March.

First, there was a bacon cheddar cornbread that my husband adored, but I found bland and mushy. Too bad I was really looking forward to that. Then there was the sweet potato and bean burgers that were edible but won’t be attempted again. Not a real loss here. Vegan’s not really my thing.

I redeemed myself this morning with a loaf of bread that had both a good crumb and crust if I do say so myself. This was only my second time baking bread ever. My husband, who keeps a bread diary – scientist that he is, was skeptical of baking it in a Dutch oven, but it turned out golden brown with just the right amount of crunch.

My success was short-lived, however, when I managed to ruin a meal I’ve made several times before: glazed pork chops, pan-seared Brussel sprouts with cranberries, and mashed potatoes. Yes, I even screwed up mashed potatoes.

Without school, I’m at a total loss. Tomorrow night we’ll order out. Should be a win.

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